Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

Hello all!  Christmas time is gearing up, you know what that means, baking season!  Truly one of my fondest memories of the holiday season is being together with my family, decorating and baking cookies.  Now, let's get down to business, which recipe to bake.

Growing up, we always used the same sugar cookie recipe.  While they tasted fine loaded with sugary icing, on their own they were just...bland.  They had a very strong almond extract flavor which I'm never too fond of.  So I'm on the search to find THE BEST sugar cookie recipe to share with you all.  Here are some recipes I found on Pinterest, Twitter and the like I'm eager to try out.

So let's begin, this recipe via Our Best Bites got a ton of buzz on Pinterest and this will most definitely be on my must bake list.  It looks to be a relatively standard recipe and they are roll-outs.  Roll-out sugar cookies may be my favorite, especially since my family has an overwhelming abundance of Christmas cookie cutters.

Next up, cake mix sugar cookies...GASP.  I know, pre-boxed sugar cookies are taboo, especially during the holidays but confession, I love them.  They have the perfect chewy texture I was never able to replicate.  Also, they do not have that overwhelming almond extract taste.  These Super Simple Sugar Cookies via Skip to My Lou look to be a good stepping stone between slice-and-bake and homemade.  They look delicious so they are a must-try on my list.

Finally, these replica Lofthouse Sugar cookies via Annie's Eats.  I have been on an Annie's Eats kick lately, if you look at my Pinterest page I have been on a rampage pinning all of her recipes.  PS.  I didn't name my blog to copy her, purely incidental (Bee's Kitchen was already taken)!  These Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies look like the ones that come pre-packaged in the store, with an inch of icing that makes them bearable to eat.  But these look divine, plus they are no-roll which is great for my tiny studio kitchen where I don't have a giant counter for rolling out dough, huge bonus!

So the search begins for the best Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe.  I'll update my progress with each recipe and in the end, come away with my favorite.  Along the way, let me know if you have an all-time favorite go-to.  Who knows, my favorite may be the recipe my family has used for years.  Wish me luck :)

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